Gearboxes CAM series

Gearboxes CAM series are made with a pair of gears, built with casing and flanges in die-cast aluminum and gears in steel, case hardened and ground.

Pre-stage CAM is usually combined with worm gearboxes, where it is necessary to achieve higher reduction ratios than those offered by standard solutions.

CBR products are available in the catalogue, a range of products combined with R series. CBU products are a range of products combined with U series gearboxes.

It is possible to match them in combination with other STM products, but for technical selection and supply, it is necessary to request information from our sales network.

Ratio: Min 4,25:1 – Max 8:1
Torque (Nm): Min 8- Max 63
Power (Kw): Min 0,06 – Max 1,8